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This action permits you to add arbitrary entries to the report and log, accordingly.

Entries to the report can be conveniently used, for example, during business process debugging to save the data of a necessary stage to the report.

Action Parameters

Load log for use by business process – permits you to obtain the contents of the entire report as a part of a business process for further actions (e.g., sending by email) by using the form Insert value, the Additional results section. Otherwise, the report data will be impossible to obtain as a part of a business process and will be available only in the log.

The option Load log for use by business process can be useful at the stage of the completion of a business process in order to generate a final report without making excessive queries to the base.

Action Results

The results of this action can be obtained using the form Insert value - Additional results where they will be available immediately after adding the action to the template.

The following is available:

  • Log.

A specific variable will be created for each entry to the log in the section Additional results. If the option Load log for use by business process was marked for the action, it will help you to obtain the log which was already generated at the stage of this action. The log of each subsequent action will include the log of the previous actions. If the option was not marked, the variable will be empty.

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