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This action permits you to automatically select an employee for their further use in the process.

Action Parameters


  • any – random selection of a regular employee;
  • supervisor selection of a supervisor Option to select a supervisor is available only in «Bitrix24 Self-hosted» editions. for the indicated employee.

From users – indicates users or groups from which one employee will be selected.

For user – indicates the user for whom a supervisor will be selected.

Supervisor Level (the more the higher) – selects the level of a supervisor for the indicated user.

If no Supervisor is determined, send to – indicates the users who will be selected in case it is impossible to select from the main users indicated above. For example, if the group indicated in the field From users contains no employees, someone from among reserved users will be selected.

Escalate to higher level if absent – permits you to automatically The action determines if an employee is absent based on entries, shown at the Absence chart page. omit absent employees, for example, if they are on vacation.

Skip user with closed workday - allows to automatically skip employees who clocked-out.

Missing employee/supervisor example

Action Results

The results of this action can be obtained using the form Insert value - Additional results where they will be available immediately after adding the action to the template.

The following is available:

  • Selected Employee.

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