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Last Modified: 24.11.2014

This action permits you to send an event notification to the e-mail indicated in the action settings.

Action Parameters

Since the meaning of most fields is clear from their names, their description is omitted.

Message Type – indicates how the message will be sent – as a text or using html.

Encoding – sets the encoding of the message to be sent.

Message send mode – sets the way of sending the message:

  • Direct sending – the message will be sent immediately;
  • Send using Mail Subsystem – the message will be sent using the embedded mail system. The sending can be postponed.

Message template website – indicates the message template site in order to send the message through the embedded mail system. Different sites can have different templates of mail messages.

Note: If the message is sent through the message system and does not go through, the selected message template should be checked first.

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