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Last Modified: 24.11.2014

This action permits you to send messages to the site/XMPP/e-mail.

If the user uses XMPP, the message will be received there. Otherwise, it will be sent to the site as a notification (provided that the user is authorized there). If the user is not authorized on the site, the message will be additionally sent by email.

Action Parameters

Notification text – sets the message text to be displayed as a notification on the site if the user does not use XMPP.
BBCode formatting ([img], [url], [b], [i], [s], [u], [url]) is available for the text.

Notification text for email/jabber – sets the message text for e-mail/XMPP to be sent if the user is not authorized on the site. The text of the message can be either different from the site notification text or the same in which case the field should be left blank.

Notification type – permits you to indicate from whom the message is received: from a specific person (Personalized notification) or from the system (System notification).

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