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Last Modified: 24.11.2014

The structure executes its subactions so far as a given condition is met.

In other words, the cycle works so far as the condition is valid (true), otherwise (false) the loop is terminated.

Condition Type – PHP Code

Code is indicated as a condition.

If the indicated PHP code returns the value true, the loop will continue operating; if false is returned, the loop will be terminated.

Note: Only a user with administrator’s rights can set the PHP code.

Condition Type – Document Field

The loop will continue operating so long as the parameters related to the document fields coincide.

Condition Type – Variable Value

The loop will continue operating so far as parameters related to variables of the business process coincide.

Note: The values of both variables and template parameters can be used in this type.

Condition Type – TRUE

Note! In this case, the loop will always be executed!

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