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Last Modified: 24.11.2014

This action’s execution depends on the users. Specific control element will be created for them.

Note: The command interrupts a business process pending the user’s action.

The type and aspect of the control element depends on the document and place where the business process was launched. An additional option in the actions menu of the business process may be an example of such a control element.

An example of use of the action: change in the progress of a business process in the structure Listening for Parallel Event depending on the command chosen by the user.

The command may also be used separately, but in this case the user must be notified, for example through the User notification function wherein the user has to execute this command.

Action Parameters

The event can be sent by – permits limiting a circle of users for whom this command is available.

Action Results

The results of this action can be obtained using the form Insert value - Additional results where they will be available immediately after adding the action to the template.

The following is available:

  • User who sent the command.

A Short Example of Using the Action

In this example, having performed the action block, the business process will stop and wait for the user to decide which branch the events will follow.

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