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This action creates an assignment during which the user will be requested to provide additional information necessary to perform a business process.

Action Parameters

Employees to provide additional information – one of the users indicated (the first person to proceed with performance) must provide additional information.

In other words, the task will be available to all users indicated until any of them starts performing it. After that it will be automatically canceled for all remaining employees.

Assignment name – the name of the task on filling in additional information which to be assigned to the indicated users. It will be displayed on the user interface.

Assignment description – a description or comments to the task are indicated. The contents of this field will be displayed on the user interface. It is recommended to indicate complete information in this field about the action to be performed by the user. It will help to avoid confusion in case of several similar actions.

Assignment button label – permits setting own text for the relevant button.

Show comment input field – this option makes it possible to permit users to leave their own comments to the assigned task. For example, any comments regarding the document to be approved. The contents of the field can be obtained after executing the action using the relevant option in the form Insert value – Additional results (see below).

Comment input field label – a caption for the field with a comment.

Set status message – permits changing document status text to an arbitrary. It may, for example, permit you to monitor the progress of a business process.

Status text – a status text is set up.

The section Fields permits adding own fields which the users will have to complete during task performance.

The contents of fields after the completion of the action can be obtained in the form Insert value - Variables.


The contents of additional fields created in the Field section can be obtained in the section.

Action Results

The results of this action can be obtained using the form Insert value - Variables where they will be available immediately after adding the action to the template.

The following is available:

  • Comment.

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