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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

To simplify the creation of a document library section, you can use the Document Library Wizard under the Create Section button in the Amber Ergonomics panel.

The wizard creates a section with a ready-made index page; a menu item linked to the section; a dedicated information block; and adds the Library component to the index page with the appropriate component parameters. You have the option to set the access permissions for the section and the information block.

Follow the steps below to create a section.

Step 1: Setting the Section Parameters

If you tick the option Open the Index Page in Editor, the wizard will open the new page with the Library (bitrix:webdav) component for your convenience in the visual editor after the wizard is completed.

The option Add Menu Item, when checked, specifies that you will have to provide the parameters of the document library menu item on the next step.

Use the option Restrict Section Access to give access to the section to specific user groups only.

The user groups listed in this listbox can be specified on the Site Explorer module settings page (use the link Configure Default Site Editors for fast access to the settings page).

Step 2: Customizing the Menu Item

Set the menu item title; specify the menu type and the menu item position as it is to appear in the menu.

Step 3: Configuring the Document Library

Depending on the data source you have selected, this form may look differently.

3.1. When the Data Source is an Information Block

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Enter the name for the new document library. If the option Create a new information block is checked, the same string will be used as the information block name.

Specify the type of the information block to use for storing the document library items.

Under the group Information Block Access Permissions, assign the required access levels to the user groups.

3.2. When the Data Source is a Physical Disk Folder

Enter the name for the new document library.

In the Folder Path field, specify the path to a folder containing the files that will be shown in the document library.

Note: if you want to attach an existing network drive and have it be visible inside the portal, that's a different process: you should create a symbolic link to a folder in the drive (this link will appear in the file structure of the intranet) and, in the wizard, select "physical disk folder" and put the path to the linked folder in the folder path field.

Under the group Folder Permissions, assign the required access levels to the user groups.

Step 4: Setting the Section Parameters

Type the section description and the search keywords here.

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