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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

An extranet site introduces a notion of a public employee which is not used in the Intranet portal. This feature is necessitated by the involvement of external users in the extranet infrastructure.

A public employee is always available for communication and inclusion in any workgroup. In essence, such person is an extranet assistant. A public employee must always be a person of the company to which the extranet site belongs.

If the extranet website was set up using the extranet wizard, the UF_PUBLIC property is already in your system. Otherwise, open the Custom Fields form (Settings > System Settings > Custom Fields) and create this property:

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The following actions are required to activate the “public employee” property of a certain person:

  • Go to Settings > Users > Users and open a required user for editing;
  • Switch to the Custom Fields tab;
  • Check the Visible to all in Extranet box. The user property code for this property is UF_PUBLIC:

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  • Save changes.

From this moment on, all the extranet users always can communicate with the public employee:

List of public contacts

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