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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

To configure the server, open the XMPP Server module settings page(Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > XMPP Server).

Module settings

This form requires the following parameters.

  • Domain: specifies the domain name of your intranet portal;
  • Listen: specifies the TCP/IP port on which the XMPP server will listen;
  • Language: specifies the abbreviation of the language for XMPP communication. At present, this field must contain en.
  • Path to PHP Interpreter: provide the path to PHP interpreter executable. For example, for a local installation this field may contain C:\php\php.exe.
  • The file path can be set in either of the following ways:

    • the full path; the path must be quoted if it contains spaces;
    • the relative path: ../apache/php.exe -c ../apache/php.ini if Bitrix Intranet Portal is installed on Bitrix Environment.

    Note: XMPP Server requires PHP version 5.0 or better.

  • Path to XMPP Server: by default, this field contains ./bitrix/modules/xmpp/xmppd.php. You can specify other location if the server files was moved or reinstalled somewhere else.
  • Logging Level: specifies the verbosity of the server logs:
    • 0 - maximum details;
    • 10 – minimum possible details.

    Normal server operation usually requires level 5.

  • Run SSL: specifies to start SSL when the XMPP server starts. If the server is unstable, disable SSL.

To change the default module access parameters, use the Access tab controls:

Module access permission

Once you are done setting the parameters, click Apply.

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