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Last Modified: 01.07.2013

Bitrix24 is able to run business processes for any internal processes: approving and documenting of holidays and leaves; approving and certifying bills etc.

Note the following: you have to create a special information block type devoted to running the organizational business processes (for example, named Business Processes). The elements of this information block will be the organizational business processes:

Now, having the information block type created, create a new page and add the Business Process composite component to it (bitrix:bizproc.wizards). Select the information block type in the component parameters:

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This component renders a fully functional user interface for using the company’s business processes.

Note: This component is also equipped with the business process construction and editing tools. However, note that you can create and edit the business processes only if you are using Bitrix24 BizPace or Bitrix24 BizPace Enterprise because this feature requires the Business Process Designer module.

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