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Last Modified: 26.06.2013

An information block needs to be configured so that its documents and files could work in business process mode.

Adding Business Process Support To Document Library

The following two simple actions ought to be performed to enable the business process support for the Document Library information blocks (those of the Documents type).

  • Make the Business Processes module aware of this information block:

    Adding Business Process Support To Document Library
  • Configure the user group access permission.

    Important! A user group must have at least the Business Processes access level to allow the group members to be involved or manage the business process.

    Configure the user group access permission

Other information blocks can be configured in the similar fashion.

Adding Business Process Support To Generic Information Blocks

As an example, configure the Company Life information block such that the news in this information block are published through a business process.

First, specify that this information block can be controlled by the Business Processes module:

Click Apply. Doing so, you tell the system to create the typical business processes for the information block.

Let us assume that we need to run each new piece of news through the Approve Document With Statuses business process before it becomes published. To do so, check the Create box in the Autorun column of this business process.

Now open the Access tab. Since the information block was created at the system installation time and the access permissions are already configured, the only user group whose permission will be altered in Employees. Assign the Business Process access level to it, and leave other groups as they are.

Save the changes made.

Now we have to add the business process features to the information block editor form. Open the Company Life information block elements page and open any element for editing. In the element editor form, click Settings on the context toolbar:

This will open the form configuration dialog:

Select Business Processes in the Available Tabs list and click the button to add this tab to the element editor:

Save the changes.

Now we have rendered the Company Life information block fully configured to support business processes. Any user who is about to publish the news has to provide the parameters for the business process to be started:

The news will be published only when and if the business process is completed, specifically when the news becomes approved by the responsible person:

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