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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The helpdesk wizard is implemented on the basis of the Information Blocks module. You need to create an individual information block type (e.g. Services), and an individual information block (e.g. Wizard) in which the wizard questions will be stored.

Important! The following discussion uses the "Question" term as an information block element name. When creating the Services information block type, open the Titles tab and change the title of information block elements to "Question".

Creating the Wizard Questions

First, create a problem type wizard step. Click Add Category on the context toolbar. Type a possible reason in the Name field:

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Note: the count of sections and subsections depends on the question. Effectively it means that the count of wizard steps depends on the section nesting depth.

Open the created section. Click Add Question on the context toolbar. Type the question and select the question type (e.g. Text Field):

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Now, if you open the page Content > Services > Wizard, you will see the steps you have just created:

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Click any link to show the questions that a user will answer to describe their problem:

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