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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Creating a Topic

To create a new topic, click the button. When clicked, it will open the new topic creation form:

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Type in the topic title, description and enter the text of the first post in the new topic. If required, add some tags that would describe your topic, for easier user navigation.

If required, you can have notifications about new posts in this topic send to your e-mail. If so, check the Subscribe to New Posts in This Topic box.

Click Create. Your new topic would look like this:

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Creating Posts

This is trivial: to add a new post, type the text in the reply form and click Reply:

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Your post will appear at the bottom of the thread:

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Subscription for New Posts and Topics

Whenever you want to subscribe for new posts or topics, click . In the drop-down list, select New posts or New topics.

If you want to manage your subscription, click on the context toolbar. In the subscriptions form, click the Delete link of a subscription you want to deactivate:

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