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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The Photo Gallery module is built upon the Information Blocks module. The albums and images are stored in the form of information block sections and elements. Effectively, this means that you will first have to create an information block type (e.g. PhotoGallery), and the information blocks for all the portal photo galleries:

  • User Photo Gallery – for the employees’ albums and photos. The first level sections are the user galleries, the subsections are the user albums, and the information block elements represent the photos.
  • Group Photo Gallery – for the workgroup albums and photos. The structure is similar to that of the user galleries.
  • Photo Gallery – for the corporate albums and photos. The information block sections are the albums, and the elements are the photos.

The following picture illustrates the gallery structure:

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The photo gallery access permissions are specified in the information block access settings:

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