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Creating a Folder

In order to create a folder, open the Documents page (Documents > Common Documents). Click Create Folder on the context toolbar:

This will open a folder creation form:

Type the desired folder name and click Save. After the page reloads, the new folder will show in the file list:

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Deleting a Folder

You can delete an unneeded folder by clicking on the actions button in the row containing the folder to be deleted, and selecting Delete in the menu:

The system will ask that you confirm the deletion, and delete the folder upon positive answer.

Uploading Documents

Before you upload the documents, open the destination folder, and click Upload on the context toolbar:

An upload form will open. Here, you can choose one of the three view modes:

  • Standard – uploads individual files from different folders (by clicking Add Files) or all files from a selected folder (by clicking Add Folder);
  • Classic – uploads files from a selected folder;
  • Simple - uploads individual files.

Choose the mode that fits you best and add the files to be uploaded.

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If you want to unconditionally update existing files, check the box Overwrite existing files. Otherwise, the system will notify you that a file (or files) already exists in the destination folder.

Select the status for new files and click Upload. The upload window will appear showing the upload progress:

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After the files has been uploaded, the updated files page will show:

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Viewing Documents

To view a document, click the action button of a required file and select View in the menu:

The file properties page will open:

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Alternatively, you can use the eye icon shortcut:

Editing Documents

In order to edit a document or modify its properties, click the actions button in a row showing the document and select Edit:

A new form will open in which you can alter the document properties:

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You can edit the file properties here. The following operations are available:

  • the General Parameters group:
    • change the file Name;
    • specify the file Tags that will be used for search;
    • you can Replace File by selecting a new one;
    • activate or deactivate the file;
    • provide the Description.
  • the Workflow Parameters group:
    • change the file Status;
    • add a file Comment.

Click Save.

File History (Change Log)

To view the document change log, click the actions button in a row showing the document and select History:

A file change log form will open:

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You can receive all new comments on the library documents. Just click Subscribe on the context toolbar:

To cancel your subscription, click Unsubscribe:

Deleting Documents

Click Actions in a row showing the document to be deleted. Select Delete in the action menu:

The system will ask that you confirm the deletion and only then delete the document.

Editing Documents Using Microsoft Office

If you want to edit documents in Microsoft Office, you should have it installed on your machine. The documents can only be edited from within Internet Explorer. This feature requires Microsoft Office 2003 or better.

Note! Your changes made to the Microsoft Office documents will be lost if you open them for editing using any other browser than Internet Explorer!

With Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint documents, just click the document name. Click OK in the warning window:

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This will run a Microsoft Office application matching the document type. Now edit the document as required. Save it and close the application. Modifications will be saved to the server Library.

Warning: the document remains locked for other users while you are editing it.

Be sure to unlock the file after you have finished with it. Click the actions button and select Unlock from the menu:

The state icon beside the document label shows the current state in which a document is. A yellow icon means that you have locked the document. The red icon indicates the document has been locked by someone else.

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