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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

You can create a workgroup page by using only one composite component Social Network: Groups (bitrix:socialnetwork_group). The component can build a fully functional network of workgroup by creating only one page.

Create a new page and add this component to it:

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The parameters of this component are similar to those described in the lesson The User Profile Page.

If you now open the page with this component in your web browser, you would see the following result:

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The group moderator and the portal administrator are given full permission to manage the group using links shown below the group logo image.

  • The link Edit Group opens the group parameters configuration page.
  • In order to manage the available group functions, use the Edit Settings link.
  • Click Edit Members to add or delete the group members.
  • If any group member violates the rules, you can ban them by clicking the Ban List link.

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