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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The Social Network module introduces the notion of group topics. A group topic is a set of workgroups sharing something in common. Thus, creating a group requires that at least one group topic exists. Only users with full access permission can manage topics.

In order to create a new topic, open the page Services > Social Network > Topics. Click New Topic on the context toolbar. The topic creation form will open:

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Type the topic title and select the site at which the groups under this topic will be available. Save the form.

The new topic will be added to the group topics list:

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Eventually, the new topic will appear in the public section menu:

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Note: the Workgroups menu is dynamic; its items are defined in the script .left.menu_ext.php. The code must properly resolve the group topic path and the group path:
$strGroupSubjectLinkTemplate = COption::GetOptionString("socialnetwork", "subject_path_template", "/workgroups/group/search/#subject_id#/");

$strGroupLinkTemplate = COption::GetOptionString("socialnetwork", "group_path_template", "/workgroups/group/#group_id#/");

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