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As in the previous examples, we shall need an individual type of information block (for example, Company structure), and an information block of this type (e.g. Honored Employees) that will contain records about the employees’ achievements and success.

The portal user groups that can edit the podium records are defined in the information block access settings:

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In this case, the users of the HR Department, Administrators and Portal administrators groups have full access to the information block.

Adding a Record about the Honored Employee

To add a record about the honored employee, open the Control Panel page: Content > Company structure > Honored Employees and click Add Record on the context toolbar. A record creation form will appear (the form in the public section is similar):

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Check the Published box to make the honored employee information to show at the portal. The optional fields Start date and End date indicate the period during which an employee is honored. In the Title of merit field, specify the merit of the employee. In the User field, select an employee to whom the record applies.

Open the Title of merit tab:

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Specify a brief description of the merit. The text entered will be shown as the title of the employee profile at the honored employees page. Save changes.

Showing the Honored Employees in the Public Section

To show the best employees in your company, use the Honored Employees component (bitrix:intranet.structure.honour). Create a new page, add the component to it and configure the parameters:

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The public section will display the honored employees according to the component settings:

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