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Last Modified: 10.10.2012
Note: if you have chosen to install the demo company structure, the Departments information block will exist and contain sections, subsections and elements: sample departments and employees which you ca view at the Company Structure page. Otherwise, this page is empty.

To make the company structure, you should create an information block type, for example, Company structure, and an information block Departments that will contain the company structure.

The company structure can be build in either of the following ways:

  • when importing users (specify the information block type and the information block to which the company structure will be propagated, in the Intranet module settings):

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  • manually, by adding sections and sub-sections to an information block created.

To add branches, subdivisions, departments: open Content > Company structure > Departments. Click Add Category on the context toolbar. The new department creation form will open:

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The Name field is required.

Note: if you create a company branch record, select Upper level in the Parent level field; for subdivisions and departments, select a branch they belong to.

Save changes. Here is the example of the structure:

To add an employee to the created subdivision/department, open Settings > Manage users > User list. Create a user, or find one in the list. Open the user properties form and switch to the Custom Fields tab. In the Departments field, specify a subdivision (a branch, a department) a user belongs to by selecting an appropriate choice in the field:

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Publishing the Structure

To display the company structure in the public section, use the Company Structure component (bitrix:intranet.structure). Place the component onto a new page:

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As a result, the page will show as follows, in the public section:

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Click a subdivision link to view all its departments; click a department link to show its employees:

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