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Last Modified: 07.05.2020

The action sends an email to a client.

Action parameters

From - select or add an email address that an email will be sent from.

Subject - specify the subject of the email.

Email text - specify the text of the message.

Text type - select the text type (BBCode or HTML).

Client address type - select the client address type. For example, if a client has several email addresses, you can select the one that the email will be sent to.

Attachment type - select the attachment type. You can select Document files and select the field which value will be attached to an email (if you want to attach a file, you may need to create a custom File field), or you can select Drive and attach files stored on Bitrix24 Drive.

Enable click tracking - enable this option if you have a link in your email and want to track this link clicks (for example, to use an "Email link clicked" trigger).

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