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The Polls and Surveys module can be used to set up and conduct various polls and surveys and display their results.

Access permissions allow to control users' access to polls and information about the voting dynamics and results.

To control and manage your polls and their parameters you can:

  • restrict the polling period;
  • display a choice of answers to a question;
  • allow visitors to type their own answers to questions;
  • configuring the type of result graphs and diagrams;
  • etc.

The following notions are used with polls and surveys.

Poll group: each poll or survey always belongs to a group. Only one poll of a poll group can be active at a time (i.e. active periods of polls of a certain group cannot intersect). You can manage poll groups here: Services -> Polls and Surveys -> Poll channels.  Click on image to enlarge
Polls: polls or surveys placed on the site. Each poll can contain one or more questions. Poll functions can be configured here: Services -> Polls and Surveys -> Poll list.  Click on image to enlarge

Questions: questions displayed in a poll web form. Each question can offer a text input field in which a visitor can type the answer, or variants of answers. Each poll (survey) has its own set of questions that can be configured on the List of Questions page.

You can open the List of Questions

  • by clicking on the number of questions in the Questions field in the list of polls;
  • or by clicking Questions on the context toolbar in the poll editing form.
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Visitors: poll respondents. The information about these visitors can be viewed here: Services -> Polls and Surveys -> Visitors.  Click on image to enlarge
Votings: displays information about the site visitors' votes: Services -> Polls and Surveys -> Visitor votings.

On this page, you can view results of each voting and mark each vote as valid or invalid. Invalid votes are ignored when building the poll result diagram.

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