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A sequential business process is built based on a set of actions. Each action performs a certain function and has its own parameters.

Attention! A set of actions depends on the modules that are installed in the system.

Setting up Action Parameters

Action parameters are set up in the relevant form retrieved by double clicking the action heading or using the button X located on it.

General Indications for Most Actions

  • The field Title permits setting up an action header to be displayed in the visual designer.

    Note: Different headers should be set for the same actions. It will make further work with the process easier.
    Example: Additional results in the form Insert value are grouped precisely by action headers.

  • [Id] – a link permitting to view/change the unique ID of the action. For example, it can be used to view the history of the business process execution in the administrative part of the site.

    The field admits only Latin letters, numbers, and the underscore character.
  • User/group selection fields. The user can be indicated manually. Just type the user’s ID in the field in brackets, e.g. [1]. For a group of users, no brackets are needed.

  • The fields Assignment description permit using the following bb-code tags: [img], [url], [b], [i], [s], [u].

    The tag [url] can be also be used in notices, e.g. in the field Notification text of the action User notification.

  • Any actions with option to have multiple selection of fields or conditions can select only one of available entities. For example, in the Cycle action, exit from a cycle can be organized either by combination of fields group or by combination of conditions group.

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