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Last Modified: 26.06.2015

A business process is the flow of information (or documents) by a previously defined route or scheme. A business process scheme can specify one input and one or more output points.

For a business process, it is common to run on a certain object and alter the execution flow depending on the object state. An underlying object is called a document which can be a file (saved in Document Library), an information block element, or a CRM item.

The following system objects are supported as documents:

  • information block elements (in Control Panel);
  • Common List items;
  • Document Library files;
  • CRM items;
  • virtual documents – for organizational business processes created using the Business Process composite component.

The Business Processes module provides the back- and front-end to managing the business processes occurring in the company and formalized for use with the intranet portal. The module is included in all the Bitrix24 self-hosted editions.

At present, the Business Processes module renders full integration with the Document Library and Information Blocks modules. The module includes templates for the most typical business processes which allows users to approve and publish the documents and automate the company’s business processes.

Note! The Business Processes module requires PHP 5.0 or higher.

To create and edit the business process templates, you will need the Business Process Designer module. This module is included in Bitrix24 BizPace and Bitrix24 BizPace Enterprise.

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