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Last Modified: 26.06.2015

The Currency module manages all currencies that  your system use (or can use). The module functions are the following:

  • currency management;
  • maintaining price display formats for each currency;
  • currency rate storage (including downloading rates from the Internet).
Important! The Currency module is required by the Commercial Catalog and e-Store modules.

The on-line store on your site may happen to sell foreign goods. As a rule, the price for such items is calculated using the purchasing price. The latter is usually set in a foreign currency. However, the legislation requires that calculations of all trading operations be accomplished in the home state currency. The Currency module is used to simplify operations with such items and their prices.

Prices can be specified and displayed in any of currencies available in the system. However, payment documents (receipts etc.) will have all values specified in the base system currency at the current rate.

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