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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

A special user interface has been developed based on the visual HTML editor to allow users quickly add components to their pages:

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All visual components are shown on a special component bar. The bar configuration depends on the visual editor settings (opens the settings form ).

To customize the bar visibility, open the Visual editor settings form, click the Taskbar tab and check the bars that are to be shown in the editor window:

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The Components 2.0 tab contains new components. They are grouped by functions (Content, Service, Communication, e-Store, Utilities) and can be unfold to find components.

If a system component is copied in another folder (for example: /bitrix/components/demo/), by default they are shown in the same section as the system components. They differ only by the namespace.    
As an example, the demo site shows the custom components of the demo namespace (stored in /bitrix/components/demo/) in the My components folder. Each of them has the .description.php file modified in such a way that the components are displayed in a separate folder.

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