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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The supposed two-tier architecture and the recommendations will produce the following results.

  • The system memory consumption is stable. Front-End and Back-End use the reserved memory pool which would not grow even if the load increases.
  • The system will process all requests at stress load orderly and regularly. The back-end will not run excessive web server processes more than specified by MaxClients. The front-end will accept all client requests, and wait for the release of a back-end web process if required.
  • The usage of processor power is limited by the MaxClients parameter which helps to avoid performance degradation.
  • Fast persistent database connections can be used safely owing to the fact that only a certain number of web server processes will be run at the back-end.
  • The precompilation of PHP scripts releases processor resources significantly.
  • Clients get the compressed pages much faster.

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