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Last Modified: 12.11.2014

To see detailed workload diagrams of various services on each server, go to the tab Load chart (Settings > Scalability > Load chart) and use the filter to select necessary server, category, and a time period you wish to see the diagrams for.

The monitoring system permits displaying a service diagram per day, week, month, and year for each server of the pool using the filter panel:

  • Apache:
    • CPU usage by httpd
    • Apache accesses
    • Apache processes
    • Apache volume
  • MySQL:
    • CPU usage by mysqld
    • MySQL queries
    • MySQL slow queries
    • MySQL threads
    • MySQL throughtput
  • Nginx:
    • CPU usage by nginx
    • Nginx status
    • Nginx requests
  • Disks:
    • Disk IOs per device
    • Disk latency per device
    • Disk usage per persent
    • IOstat
    • Inode usage per persent
    • Throughtput per device
  • Network:
    • Connections through firewall
    • Firewall Throughtput
    • Netstat
    • ipconntrack
  • Processes:
    • Forkrate
    • Number of threads
    • Processes
    • VMstat
  • System:
    • CPU usage
    • File table usage
    • Inode table usage
    • Load average
    • Memory usage
    • Swap in/out
    • Uptime

Attention: In order to display workloads in this section, first Enable monitoring in the menu Global Actions of the pool.

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