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Note: The page is available only to the administrators.

The page Telephony > Telephony Users is used to set up internal numbers allowing you to forward calls made to the company in general to specific employees.

To do so, just use the link Edit in the line of a specific employee. The setting form opens where a specific number for forwarding must be indicated:

Note: If the same number is linked for calls both through Bitrix24 and own SIP PBX, calling using own PBX will not be possible. All calls will be made through Bitrix24.

The client can call their manager directly using an internal number. The following steps shall be followed to make it possible:

  • Assign an internal number to the employee;
  • Enable the option Extension number processing in Call routing settings.

If the employee will make calls using an SIP phone instead of computer, the option Connect SIP phone shall be set to On, and the data displayed shall be used for setting up the SIP phone. The Password value can be changed.

If the employee leaves the company, the link of their account with the SIP phone will be deactivated. The extension number will become inactive and available for assignment to another employee. A call to such number will be directed neither according to the CRM rules nor according to the call routing rules. Nevertheless, the administrator will have to change the responsible person in CRM and remove the person who has left the company from the queue.

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