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Last Modified: 06.05.2015

The account status can be monitored, and costs can be controlled on the page Telephony > Balance and Statistics.


You can access the form to add funds to the account by using the button Add credit.

If due to any reasons the number lease has not been paid when due, the number will be blocked, but it is still reserved for the lessee for one month. This means that if you make a payment during this month, you will be able to connect the old number to your Bitrix24. In this case, the lease period of the number will be calculated starting from the date of the actual payment.

Payment for services works based on the automatic extension principle. I.e. if the lease of a user’s number is expired, the newly added money will cover its extension first, and after that will be used to pay traffic.

The widget Recurring payments shows the information about the expiry time according to the payment for leased numbers.

The SIP Connector widget informs about the number of free minutes available and also about the lease expiry term after payment.


The page also contains a general (by months) and a detailed (for each call) itemization of calls (statistics).

When viewing detailed statistics, if the administrator permitted call recording, the file containing conversation recording can be listened to (the Record column).

By clicking an employee’s last name, a filter is activated and only that employee’s calls will be displayed. Likewise, filtering can be made by call statuses or by both parameters together.

When viewing detailed statistics, the log of each specific call may be looked up (the Log column). This option is very useful for administrators when they set up ATS for working through Bitrix24 service.

Note: if a call had been dropped before the system could identify the employee which is responsible for the current call, the Employee column will contain a dash.

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