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Last Modified: 29.11.2013

If a user opens a new, virgin Wiki website, he or she will see nothing but a welcome page:

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To create a first wiki page, click Create on the toolbar. This will create a new page and open it in the simplified visual editor.

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The simplified visual editor has some special Wiki oriented commands unavailable elsewhere in the system.

  • Add Title: creates a heading of the selected level (1 through 6).
  • Add Internal Hyperlink: creates a hyperlink to a wiki page that is yet to be created (that is, a red link). The hyperlink text and the wiki page name can be different.

    Note: the Link field should contain the wiki page title rather than the web page URL.
  • Specify category: attributes a category to a wiki page being edited. You can select an existing category, or create a new one. A wiki page can specify multiple categories.

  • Your Signature and Time Stamp: inserts the author’s registered name and the current date and time.
  • Ignore Wiki Formatting: renders the text in this block as is; useful for adding programming code.

Once you have finished typing the wiki page text, click Publish.

Creating A Red-Linked Wiki Page

To create a new wiki page to which a red link refers, just click this link.

Note. If you create a new page of a certain title by clicking the Create button, and there are wiki pages containing the red links to such a title, these links will be resolved automatically.

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