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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

To set or edit the collection access permissions:

  • Click Access on the context toolbar, or select Access command in the action menu () of a required collection. The Sets Media Library collections permissions form will show up:
  • In this form, select a collection whose access permissions you want to modify. You can set the same permissions to all the existing collections at once by selecting Common Access for All Collections from the list:
  • Note: by default, nested collections inherit the permissions specified for a parent collection.

  • Set the access permission for each of the user groups:
  • The following access permissions are available:

    • Access denied: any access to the collection for this user group is forbidden;
    • View collections: the user group members can view the collection items;
    • Create new collections: the users are allowed to create new collections in this collection;
    • Edit elements: the users can create collections and modify the collection item properties;
    • Edit elements and collections: the users can create collections; modify the collection item properties; modify the collection properties;
    • Full access: the users are granted unrestricted access to Media Library.
  • Click Save to apply new access permissions.

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