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Media Library (Content > Site Explorer > Media Library) is a multilevel structure. The Media Library collections are grouped by the content type:

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Each collection is depicted as a bar showing the collection title:

The collection bar has a set of controls:

  • Buttons and expand or collapse the collection items;
  • Checkbox are used to select collections to which a certain action is going to be applied;
  • The action menu contains the collection management commands:

A mouse click on a collection bar also expands the collection items:

The action bar in the bottom part of the collection pane contains only one action enabling you to remove all or the selected collections. To delete all the collection elements, checking the To All box and click Delete.

Creating A New Collection

Any Media Library collection can host any number of nested (child) collections.

To create a new collection:

  • click New Collection to open the collection creation form:
  • fill in the form fields. The only required field in the collection name; all other fields are optional. However, notice the Location option which you can use to specify the parent collection for the new one thus creating nested collections.

  • Click Save. The new collection will become available on the Media Library page:

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Editing The Collection Parameters

To change the collection parameters:

  • click the action menu button of a required collection and select Edit from the menu:
  • the collection properties dialog box will show up. Edit the collection parameters as needed:
  • click Save.

Media Library Content Types

Media Library supports various content types. The preinstalled are the three default types: Images, Video, Audio. A user can create as many additional content types as required.

Creating A New Type

Follow the instructions below to create a custom content type.

  • Click the Manage Types button on the Media Library toolbar. Don’t be surprised: this will open the Site Explorer module settings form:
  • Click Add. The form will reveal more controls allowing to add a new content type:
  • Fill in the form fields:
    • Type in the Name name of the new type. This field is required;
    • Specify the Symbolic Code which will be used by the system internally (or by the developers). This code can contain Latin characters and numbers only. This field is required;
    • Specify the file extensions to be associated with this type. This field is required;
    • Enter the description for the new type, if required.
  • Click Save. The new type will be added to Media Library:

Changing The Content Type Parameters

Follow the instructions below to edit the content type parameters:

  • Click the Manage Types button on the Media Library toolbar to open the Site Explorer module settings form:
  • Edit the parameters as required;
  • Click Save.

Note: Images, Video and Audio are the system, built-in content types whose parameters cannot be modified except the file extensions. The Images type is the basic type and cannot be deleted. The custom, user defined types can be fully edited.

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