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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The Ticket page displays tickets received by the technical support service. Special indicators help determine the present state of tickets:

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 - your party replied to the ticket last time (you are responsible);
 - your party replied to the ticket last time (you are not responsible);
 - the last reply is yours;
 - helpdesk staff member updated the ticket last time;
 - ticket is closed.

Moreover, a notice can be displayed beside the indicator:

  • Reply here! Means the reply period stipulated by SLA is about to expire;
  • Expired! Means the reply period is expired.

The page filter parameters stipulate that tickets are displayed to a helpdesk specialist who is responsible for them:

  • Expired messages are displayed on top of the list (Expired!);
  • Then, messages whose reply period is about to expire (Reply here!);
  • Other messages are displayed on a first-served basis, according to the reply date (stipulated by SLA).

If a helpdesk staff member has replied to a ticket, the ticket is marked green and moved to the end.

Note! The ticket position will not change if:
  • the author has modified or updated the ticket with additional information;
  • a helpdesk specialist has added a comment or a hidden message to the ticket.

All tickets that are to be replied shortly (yellow or red indicator) are displayed to the helpdesk administrator by default.

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