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Advertising banner is an image or text block containing incentive message which is used for brand awareness and generating sales. Clicking a banner usually opens a page containing the description of a product or service being advertised:

Note: Site counters can also behave like a banner:

Banner management functions are concentrated in the Banners form (Services -> Advertising -> Banners):

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Advertising area is a named location in the site design template where banners are displayed:

Note: Advertising areas are allocated during the site design template creation.

A single advertising area can show as many banners as required. The banner showing probability is the subject of the display priority, or weight, which can be set in the banner editing form:

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The more is the banner weight, the higher is the probability that a banner will be selected for showing.

Each banner has the following traits:

  • type;
  • group;
  • status;
  • contract.

Banner type is the conventional name of a banner showing disposition. To put this another way, banner type is the name of an advertising area specified in the design template. To show a banner in a desired area, set its type to the advertising area name:

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Note: To view banners that are displayed in an advertising area, click in the required advertising area (this button is display in the site editing mode). Click to edit the currently shown banner.

Important! Banners that are shown in the same advertising area (i.e. banners of the same type) show have equal dimensions. This ensures that the page design will remain sound and will not break.

You can manage banner types in the Banner types form (Services -> Advertising -> Banner types):

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Banner group is an optional parameter that can be used to classify banners by some parameter (e.g. advertised product). You can specify the banner group name in the banner editing form.

Note: You can choose any of the previously used banner group names in the drop-down list.

Banner status indicates one of the predefined states that a banner currently has:

  • approved - banners in this status can be and are shown;
  • under consideration - a banner is not shown; indicates that the banner is to be either approved or rejected;
  • rejected - indicates that a banner was disapproved  by an administrator and cannot be shown.

You can change banner status in the banner editing form:

or in the list of banners (by switching the quick edit mode on):

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Contract is a set of banner showing conditions. A typical contract defines:

  • when and where banners of the contract are to be shown;
  • keywords for the contract banners, etc.

You can manage contracts in the Advertising contracts form (Services -> Advertising -> Contracts):

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Note: the system has the predefined contract Default, which cannot be deleted. By default, this contract does not apply any restrictions on banner shows, but you can change the contract configuration as desired. All new banners are attached to this contract by default.

An advertising contract can be managed by users (contract owners). Contract owners can be given different permissions in respect of contract management:

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Users can be bound to a contract if only they are members of a user group that is given the Advertiser permission to the Advertising module.

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