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Visitors can subscribe to a newsletter:

  • without assistance if a newsletter is set to be displayed in the public section;
  • with the help of an administrator (e.g. if a newsletter is hidden and thus cannot be accessed from the public section).

Unattended subscription

The following actions are required to be taken to allow visitors to subscribe without assistance.

  1. Enable the newsletter to be accessed from the public section. Open the required newsletter for editing (Services -> Newsletter -> Newsletter categories) and enable the Display in public section option:

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  2. Enable visitors to subscribe from the public section by adding appropriate user interface elements to it.
    • Add the Subscription form visual component to a design template. This component displays a special form where visitors can type their e-mail address and choose one or more desired newsletter categories for subscription:

      Note: Clicking OK opens the subscription preferences editing form in which visitors can modify parameters of the subscription (format etc.), and confirm it by pasting the received subscription confirmation code.

      You have to specify the path and name of the subscription editing page in the Subscription form visual component settings. If the page does not exist, you will have to create it later.

      Adding the Subscription form visual component to a site design template displays the subscription form on all pages. However, you can add this component to certain pages only where you want the subscription to be available.

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      By default, the subscription form displays active subscriptions whose option Display in public section is active. If you want hidden subscriptions to be shown, you have to configure the Subscription form component as appropriate.

    • Create a special subscription editing page and save it under the name specified in the Subscription form component settings. All you have to do is create a new page in the visual editor and add the Subscription editing page component to it.

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      With this component, you can:

      • allow or disallow anonymous subscribers (unregistered and/or unauthorised visitors);
      • invite unauthorised users to log in by displaying an appropriate link;
      • define whether hidden newsletters are to be displayed or not.

    Once a user has subscribed to a newsletter, a corresponding record is created in the Newsletter module (Services -> Newsletter -> Subscribers):

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    The record contains information about a subscriber and the selected newsletters.

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    The site (or newsletter) administrator can edit the record as required (e.g. unsubscribe the user or confirm the subscription manually).

    Adding subscribers manually

    An administrator can add subscribers (in other words, subscribe users) manually by clicking the Add button on the context toolbar of the Subscribers form (Services -> Newsletter -> Subscribers):

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    1. On the Subscriber tab, enter information about a subscriber:
      • For anonymous subscribers, it is sufficient to specify only the destination e-mail address;
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      • If a subscriber is a registered site user, you can click to find the required user. After you select it, all the required information will be inserted automatically.
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    2. On the Subscriptions tab, select newsletter categories to which the user will be subscribed. You can also specify the required format in which messages will be sent.

      Note: when adding a subscriber manually, you have to check the Subscription confirmed box to enable the subscriber to receive newsletter issues:

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