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Blog owner is a user that maintains a blog (a blog creator).
Nickname is a user name (often fictitious) that is displayed to all readers. A user can define their nickname in the user profile.
Avatar is an image (static or animated) that is associated with an author of a blog or comment.
User group: each blog can have its own set of users or user groups that are given different permissions to access messages and comments of the blog.
Friend is a user who is a member of one or more groups created by a blog's author. A friend has certain permissions to access the blog (e.g. read messages and/or add comments). The blog author's friends are displayed on the user profile page.
Friend's page displays a selection of recent messages created by the blog author's friends.
Blog group is a set of blogs that can have a certain common trait (e.g. blogs of employees) and can be displayed on a given site.
Message is an article created by a blog owner or visitor.
Message tags are used to classify blog messages by an author-defined subject (e.g. by theme or purpose).
Comment is the reply that a visitor speaks on the subject proposed by a message author.
Trackback address is an absolute URL to a blog message (e.g.

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