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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Bitrix Site Manager allows you to easily import data from any CSV file to a certain information block of your choice. The whole operation is performed in the Catalog import form:

Content -> Information blocks -> Import).

Step 1. Selecting a data file

Choose a file (it can reside on a server or a local computer) whose data will be loaded in a specified information block.

Step 2. Choose data format

Now, specify the format in which data is stored in the specified file.

Step 3. Assigning fields

A CSV file from which information is added to an information block contain data in fields (named or nameless). When importing the data, the system places values from the CSV file fields to the fields of the selected information block. Hence, you have to instruct the system about the correspondence between the CSV file fields and the information block fields. You can do this at this step.

After you have finished configuring the import settings, click Load data to start importing.

Step 4. Result

After the import is completed, the system displays results of the import operation.

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