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The display of the site public section is defined by the following parameters:

  • domain name;
  • interface language;
  • national and regional settings (date, time, currency etc.);
  • design;
  • information content.

All these parameters (apart from content and currency) are defined in the site editing (creation) form:

Settings –> System settings –> Sites –> List of sites.

Domain name

The site domain name is specified in the Domain name field of the Parameters to identify a site in the public section group:

One or more domain names can be assigned to a single site.

Public section language. National and regional settings

Each site has an individual set of language and regional parameters which affects the display of information in the public section. The Parameters group of the site editing form provides interface to select the language in which text messages will be rendered in the public section, as well as:

  • short date format;
  • full date format (includes time);
  • page encoding.

You will find the date format description and the code page names in the system help section.

Currency format

Bitrix Site Manager allows to configure the currency format for each language individually. Hence, the format in which the currency values are rendered depends on the language selected for the site.

Currencies can be configured in the Currencies form:

Settings -> Currency -> Currencies.

To create a new currency, click Add new currency. To edit an existing currency, select Edit in the action menu of the required currency, or just double-click on it.

The Currency rates form enables you to manage rates of currencies:

Settings -> Currency -> Currency Rates.

The site appearance

The visual aspect of site pages is defined by the a site design template.


The site design template defines:

  • page design;
  • types of menus and their placement;
  • location of the navigation chain;
  • layout of advertising areas;
  • layout of editable and include areas.

Using templates empowers web designers and administrators with a strong tool to alter the site design depending on requirements. You can:

  • change the design for different site sections;
  • apply a special festive design for the desired period of time;
  • employ different design templates to different user groups;
  • use different design templates depending on the URL parameters etc.

You can assign an unlimited number of templates to a site.

Note: you will find more information on using templates in the Integration manual and the system help section.

You can select templates and configure the conditions of their application in the Template section of the site editing form:

Note: you can leave the Condition field empty to make the corresponding template default.

Site content

The system has the built-in Site Explorer, a strong and comprehensive tool for managing site pages and sections. The Site Explorer is implemented as an enhanced file manager.

The file manager allows to supervise both logical and physical levels of the file structure.

  • The item titled after the name of the site contains the hierarchical logical view of the site.

    Click on image to enlarge

    In the context of the logical view, only files and folders related to a given site are displayed.

    Click on image to enlarge

    The logical view shows section titles as folder names, and page titles as file names.

  • The Files and Folders item shows the physical file structure including system files and directories.

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    Note: you will find more information on managing site structure in the corresponding chapter.

Switching between sites

The system implements switching between sites by displaying special links on the pages:

These links are generated by a special component which is the part of the site design template. The component enumerates all the sites created using this copy of Bitrix Site Manager, extracts paths to the root directories of the sites and displays links with the their names. Note that the link to the current site is not active, thus providing even more positive indication.

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