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Last Modified: 11.12.2014

The public section is the area for a content manager to exhibit information and other resources to the public.

The public section is, essentially, what a visitor sees when they browse for your website.

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To manage the website information, an Administration Toolbar (also known as the Control Panel toolbar) exists which becomes available on top of the screen upon user authorization.

The administration toolbar commands (buttons) depend on the contents of a currently visible page and the current user permissions. The common visitors or users without any site management permissions do not see the toolbar. Usually, the content managers are not allowed to enjoy the full set of the management commands. However, giving administration privileges to users is up to the website administrator.

This lesson discusses the fully functional toolbar available to a user with administrator permissions.

Bitrix Site Manager has made a long way since it was first introduced, and the administration toolbar has evolved beyond recognition. At present, you may encounter the old, four tabbed version of the bar, and the new variant with the two tabs. The next lessons describes the both version.

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