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Save time and money for sites with high visitation rates

This module allows creating lists for storing arbitrary data (news items, hiring listings and etc.). Each list is stored in a separate database table and uses their own indexes.

Such records serve as quick reference directories, without hierarchy support and limited property support. They can query the database and handle large volumes of data.

Module include two components, displaying information from Highload blocks: Record details (bitrix:highloadblock.view) and Record list (bitrix:highloadblock.list).

Additionally, Highload blocks for elements of Information blocks module has an newly available Directory property, where a Highload block is used as a directory.

Highload blocks are used in the following cases:

  • with large volume of data and load that cannot be handled by information blocks In case the created directory will have less than 100 elements, the advantage provided by a Highload block compared to an iblock will be quite insignificant. ;
  • if you need a structure for service data storage that won't be edited by content managers;

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