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Last Modified: 07.09.2022

  Cleaning cache files

Attention! It's not recommended to manually delete cache files in the folder /bitrix/managed_cache/.

The tab Delete Cache Files (Settings > System settings > Cache settings) is used for deleting cache files, containing deprecated or error information:

  • Only outdated - Files with expired lifespan;
  • All - All cache files;
  • Menu - Menu may be cached, if permissions to various menu items and section are verified. This item allows deleting this cache;
  • All managed cache - All files in section /bitrix/managed_cache/;
  • All pages in HTML cache - Deleting HTML cache pages.

After the cache files are deleted, the entered data will be updated to the current status. New cache files will be created gradually as long as pages with cached areas are queried.

  When the folder /bitrix/cache/ becomes too big

This folder contains unmanaged cache files. Sometimes when creating cache files they are assigned with such access permissions that are insufficient for subsequent editing or deleting these files by a web server process. This leads to an increased data volume contained in this folder.

The constants BX_FILE_PERMISSIONS and BX_DIR_PERMISSIONS from /bitrix/php_interface/dbconn.php are used when assigning access permissions to files and folders, however permission mask is often triggered on the server. To avoid this, you need to write the following in the same script:



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