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Last Modified: 01.09.2022

Several actions are available for each container in the list at the page Settings > Cloud storages.

  File transfer to a cloud storage

Files that you upload to Bitrix24 after creating a new connection will be immediately saved into cloud-based storage.

And if you need to move old files to cloud storage, select the item Upload files to cloud storage in the connection list menu:

The system starts the process of file transfer to cloud storage. Files will be moved from modules with extensions and sizes, defined in the rules.

Attention! File transfer from the /upload folder via the command Upload files to cloud storage is possible, but these changes won't be written in the system and the site will still query the files in the /upload folder, and not the cloud.

How to transfer files not specified in rules

Transfer process can be tracked:

To move back the files from cloud to server, you need to select the item Download files from cloud storage in the actions menu.

  Other actions

The following actions are also available for containers:

  • Edit - changes connection parameters. Action is similar creating a new connection to cloud storage The Cloud storages module allows moving file storage from various modules to cloud-based storages. For example, the images uploaded by site visitors to a blog can be saved to cloud.

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  • Deactivate - transferring of cloud storage container into the inactive status. In this case the data becomes available for reading, but writing will be unavailable;
  • Delete - deletes connection to cloud storage.

    Note: When a storage contains files, the system will issue a warning that such connection cannot be deleted. This connection can be deleted only after deleting all the files inside it.


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