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Extra actions with files in cloud storage

You can view list of available cloud storage containers Container is logical structure for cloud storage. and their contents at the page Cloud storages (Content > Cloud storages).

Note: this page is available only with the installed Cloud storages module and after at least a single container is connected.

Depending on the configured access permissions The Access specifies access permissions to the Cloud storages module for user groups.

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, the following actions are available for each container contents:

  • View list of files and folders. Also, shows Folder size (with account of nesting) when clicking at the corresponding context panel button:

  • Delete. Deleting operation is available in the action menu.
  • Add new file. File is added directly into cloud storage usng the button New file at the context panel (Content > Cloud storages > [container_name]).

Note: Starting from the Cloud storages (clouds) module version 20.0.100 you can use the mask symbol * in the file list filter.

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