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Last Modified: 11.07.2022

Bitrix24 e-Learning module can have courses, chapters and lessons both as parent and child elements to each other and you can associate such elements to already existing chapters and courses.

This also means that the same lesson can be associated to several chapters of various courses. This is very convenient, when you already have several courses on similar topics. You can create a single lesson with information shared with all courses and associate this lesson to all such courses.

When creating a new chapter it is considered just as a lesson. It becomes a full-scale chapter only when at least one lesson is added into it. Similarly, when a specific lesson A is made a child to the lesson B, the lesson B becomes a chapter. When an only existing lesson is deleted from the chapter, this chapter transforms into a lesson.

Creating chapters and lessons

Before starting to create a chapter (or a lesson), you need to go to the course section where this specific chapter (lesson) is to be located:

  • at the top level of the course, proceed to the page Services > e-Learning > Courses;
  • if inside course chapter, proceed to the page Services > e-Learning > Courses > chapter_name.

Note: Bitrix24 has an option to create "independent" chapters and lessons, i. e. not associated to any course or chapter. Creating independent chapters/lessons is performed from the All lessons list page (Services > e-Learning > All lessons list) using the button New chapter/lesson. Attaching to a course or chapter can be done using the abovementioned dependencies settings tab.

You can start creating a chapter or lesson using the button New chapter/lesson, located at the context panel, either via link [+], located at the column Total chapters (or via Total lessons):

Note: the link [+] can be found not only in the list of chapters/lessons. It can be found in lists of other modules as well. It means that you can use it to create other elements of individual entity. In our case, this link allows to go to creating a subsection or lesson for selected chapter.

The form for creating a chapter/lesson indicates:

  • main parameters for a chapter or lesson, with specified lesson or chapter names (as visible in the course menu inside admin and public sections);
  • brief description and detailed contents of chapter/lesson in tabs Announcement and Description accordingly;
  • additional fields for course chapters and lessons in the tab Custom fields.
Attention! When a course/lesson has a selected "Don't publish" option - you won't be able to attach tests to such courses/lessons when you are configuring tests for a course/lesson. First, you need to set the dependencies for this test and only then remove checkmark from the "Don't publish" option.

After saving, a lesson (or a future chapter) will be added to the general list of chapters and lessons of a corresponding level:

Process of creating a lesson is fully completed at this point. To create a full-scale chapter you need to repeat the abovementioned procedure for creating a lesson inside a created chapter or to add child elements to it inside the chapter edit form.

You can transition to editing of existing chapter/lesson using the action menu (Edit item). The chapter/lesson editing form has 2 available tabs: Dependencies and Access rights. First, let's overview the Dependencies tab in more detail:

List of parent elements indicates courses/chapters that the edited chapter/lesson belongs to, and the list of child elements: chapters and lessons, included into the current chapter (lesson).

To attach/associate an edited chapter/lesson to other courses/chapters or, otherwise, to include existing chapters and lessons into this chapter, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Click on the corresponding link Add element. It open a window with the list of all the courses, chapters and lessons that are available in the system.
  2. Select the necessary course, chapter or a lesson using the action menu (Select item) or double-click on a corresponding entry.

Created link is displayed in the chapter/lesson edit form.

"Don't publish" status is set for each parent course separately.

Attention! The same lesson cannot be designated as child lesson for several entries within a single course.

To unlink a chapter/lesson from a parent or unlink some child elements, you need to accordingly delete the entry for parent or child element using the button x, located next to the element name.

The Access rights tab for a chapter or a lesson can have additionally configured access permissions for users and user groups.

This tab lists users and user groups with configured access permissions for the e-Learning module. These entries cannot be edited, because module access permissions supersede access permissions for courses, chapters and lessons. This way, if users and user groups already have assigned access permissions to the e-Learning module, they will have the same access permissions for all the system courses, chapters and lessons as well.

Additionally, access permissions to a course (chapter) supersede access permissions to the child chapters and lessons. For example, if users and user groups have obtained some access permissions to a course (chapters), but have lower-level access permissions to the child chapters and/or lessons - the specific course access permissions (and users will have access to higher-level chapters) will supersede the lower level permissions. However, when specific chapters (lessons) have higher-level access permissions than for the course (chapter), the final access permissions to chapters (lessons) are combined.

You can configure access permissions to a chapter (lesson) to additional users and user groups using the link Add. Clicking on it opens a window, where you can select the necessary users and/or user groups and grant the required access permissions.


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