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Last Modified: 12.11.2021

Social Website Integration module settings can change external appearance for authorization form.

  Autherization/login form external appearance

When Social Website Integration - Settings tab (Settings > System settings > Module settings > Social Website Integration) have no checkmarked social services in the External services list, the authorization form has standard appearance with only login and password requirements.

However, when enabling any configured listed social services , authorization form will show buttons for selected services.

In Bitrix24 Self-hosted:

Each individual external service requires separate module settings. The Examples of specific services setup section provides details on how to connect individual services.

Note: Not all social services require extra setup to operate. When a selected service doesn't have a dedicated section in the module settings, it can be simply checkmarked in the available service list and included in the site autherization form. All OpenID services are enabled in this manner. Learn more about OpenID in this Wikipedia article.

  Authorization procedure

Social services autherization procedure depends on the service type, which can belong to one of two groups:

  1. OpenID provider services: for services using OpenID, clicking on a social service icon opens an authorization form for the user to enter an openid identity. For convenience, only service-specific portion is required. For example:

  2. Services operating by proprietary authorization protocols: clicking on a button for external service opens an individual window with authorization form.

Upon successful authorization, user enters the site. In case of a first-time visit, this user is added to the site user list. Now, Authorization type: field contains this authorization service in the User tab (Settings > Mange users > User list > [user]).


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