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  Database tables

Database tables page (Settings > Performance monitor > Tables) shows the available database tables:

Following the link with table name allows viewing its contents.

Attention: System memorizes the viewed tables. For convenience, the Recently viewed (n) menu is available to quickly switch between latest tables. The Tables page also show Recently browsed tables .

  Page overview

Available options:

  • Group actions . The same actions are also available in the action menu for individual tables.
  • Filters. Upon entering text, the list will contain only the tables containing such text .
  • The Information blocks, Search and Instant Messenger module tables contains selection of retrieved strings filtered by current values. For example, select the table b_search_content and select the desired string for retrieval in the specific entry context menu (example: ID=41). Retrieves selection of strings from the table b_search_content, where SEARCH_CONTENT_ID=41.

  • Displays popup hints for values , retrieved from the associated table.
  • The command Edit editing an entry in tables and managed cache reset after saving the entry.
  • Edit serialized values The system must have set Tokenizer value. in the alternative view.
  • Create new entries in tables with autoincrement primary key.


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