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Last Modified: 18.10.2021

  Currency rate informer

Currency module operates in the background; Catalog and Online Store modules query it during operation. However, there is a single externally displayed component that allows to "view" the module availability at the website. This component is called Currency rate informer.

Showing currency rate informer at a website.

Open the required page in the visual editor page and allocate the Currency Exchange Rates component in the work area (Content > Currencies). You can open the component parameter config and proceed with the following actions:

  • Select currencies, which data must be displayed in the informer inside the Array of original currencies for convertion field;
  • Indicate base currency in the Convert all original currencies to the currency field;
  • Indicate the currency rate date inside the Date to show currency exchange rates field, sourced for parameters;
  • Display currency exchange rates from Central Bank - mark this option if you want to indicate CB currency rate.

Save the changes and the table will be displayed at the page:


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