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Last Modified: 15.10.2021

  Currency rates

Use Currency rates page to manage currency rate (Settings > Currency > Currency rates). You can set currency rates for currencies, listed in the Currencies section.

During currency conversion, the system sources the most recent rate at the current date. When a currency rate is not found, uses the default rate (the rate, specified in the currency settings).

Use the New currency rate button at the context panel to create a currency rate as of current date. Opens form for new currency rates:

  1. Select a target date in the Date field to save the currency rate;
  2. In the Currency field, select a currency rate to be saved;
  3. Click on Query button. The system will request a currency rate for a selected date from the required website (see the Note below) and show values in the Amount and Rate fields;

    Note: To get a currency rate, the alphabet currency code must be correct, i. e. listed in ISO 4217 (for example, if an incorrect code UJD, (unavailable in the list) was used during currency creation instead of USD, you won't be able to retrieve the rate automatically).

  4. Save the changes. Report form with the list of saved currency rates opens up, containing the new currency rate.


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