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Last Modified: 08.12.2021

Important! Email in CRM feature stops working after moving Bitrix24 from Cloud to On-premise editions.

Email feature in Bitrix24 Cloud version operates with official Bitrix24 mail server. However, Bitrix24 On-premise uses your custom email server. Such server must be configured correctly, with specific sender-associated SMTP server to be used.

Below is the approximate sequence of your actions:

  1. Catch all outbound email using the function custom_mail Starting from Bitrix24 version 7.1.3, standard email mechanism can be redefined.

    Mechanics are simple: bxmail() function is called anywhere where mail() must be called. Bitrix24 checks inside bxmail() if custom_mail() is defined before calling standard function mail(). Defined custom_mail() replaces mail() function. Accordingly, write the function custom_mail() to redefine sending mechanism.
  2. Configure any MTA ( Mail Transfer Agent MTA — minimally required software needed for receiving and sending emails. Any MTA operates simultaneously with several email protocols: SMTP, POP, IMAP.

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    ) email server, suitable for your objectives.
  3. Employ previously used function custom_mail, troubleshoot outbound emails via configured email server from the required mailboxes You can manage email records at the Mailboxes page (Services > Mail > Mailboxes). Be advised, that Bitrix Framework allows creating an unlimited number of email entries.

Note: assistance of software specialists is required to configure email server (as well as system administrator).


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